Detroit court 

prom queen

Elizabeth Olshanetsky

Daniel Arie 

Since 2013, I have been a member and volunteer in FIRST. During my 3 years in FRC team 4590 I have taken part in various activities. I contributed in media, PR, marketing, business and outreach. In 2017 I became one of the founders of FRC team 7112 and have been mentoring them since. As part of FIRST, I helped teams 7605 from Canada and 7851 from Ukraine. I express myself best when I help others by being there for them and doing anything that I can, no matter who they are or where they live. Being on 4590 has taught me that I have no limits and can do anything I set my mind to, even if I am from a tiny country like Israel. I participate in projects outside of my team, and firmly believe in my power to inspire and make an impact.I see myself as caring and supportive; and what I may lack in achievement I make up for with emotions and compassion towards people.I may not be impressive or exceptional compared to others but I make sure to try to be a better person every single day.

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Sara Schmidt

prom king

Andrew Pranger  

My name is Andrew Pranger, and I’m a senior on FRC 5847. My core experience is in outreach and scouting, but I have also spent time with build and drive team. I will be attending the Detroit championship.My first two years, I worked to build a scouting system that started on paper, and is now on Tableau. Junior year, I was asked to found our outreach team. I worked to Make it Loud by establishing new connections and teach STEM with hands on learning. This helped us win our first ever Chairman’s Award a season later! This year, I’ve worked to further advance scouting, and help other teams prepare for alliance selection. Recently, I co-founded the “FOR THE BOTS” initiative, which has already raised $900 for an IL team to attend their first ever championship. I am running for Roboprom Court because of my hard work to develop my own team as well as grow our FIRST community. I use doing what I love in addition to the skills I have to help build myself, my team, and others around me.


Shachar Lieberman

I'm Shachar Lieberman, A senior from Makers Assemble 5951, from Tel Aviv, Israel. Since I joined, I take a big part in the leading team. For 2 years, I have been leading our community outreach programs while running and managing our annual volunteering lineup. Every year, I try to act as a role model for the new team members by running Photoshop and Premiere workshops. My years in FIRST absolutely developed my self-confidence to become the face of the team year in a row. And in the Chairman's interview room for the 2 I mentor the first FLL team in Israel for deaf kids. Mentoring special needs kids requires patience, one of the values I gained from FIRST. This year also I have mentored rookie team 7459 from Brazil through Skype calls, and they won a Regional Rookie All Star award! Being active in community outreach is not enough for me. I also take a part in electronics and mechanics, because I believe in receiving the full FIRST experience. In addition, I am applying myself for matriculation exams in Mechatronics together with my Physics major. I believe that I deserve to be on RoboProm court, because I am a great example of an enthusiastic, committed and open-minded FIRST student.

Nick Giggenbach

Throughout this essay, you will likely wonder to yourself, “Who is Nick Giggenbach?” When he joined MARS in 2017, we would not have had an answer. We might have said that he was a promising freshman, or expected him to later develop into a team leader. However, we had no idea how much of an impression he’d make on our organization, or how he would grow into a responsible, honest, capable adult in only three short years of being on the team. Today we know better than to underestimate how greatly he’ll improve our team and grow as a person. In the past years, he’s inspired our students to never stop reaching for more and challenges everyone to take what the world will throw at them with a positive outlook. faces obstacles head-on without hesitation, even- and especially- when the fate of our robot is on the line. Since becoming Human Player his Sophomore year, Nick has stayed a crucial member of our team's functionality. Constantly proving himself to be the best for the job through his mechanical skill and ability to work well with absolutely anyone, he has never let us down. In the last year, he has progressed to the position of Copilot, and the added responsibility has only confirmed his talent to thrive under the pressure of competition.As well as being on drive team, he is the Administrator of our Student Leadership Council, a natural position for him. There is no one that better portrays MARS’ values; authentic to his character he guarantees that we never forget our origins. Motivated, dependable, and focused as a leader, he continually makes sure that our team functions as one, yet never acts condescending or disrespectful. “Nick brought me to the team, he inspired me to stay late to help out and really got me involved. He made me the team member I am today.” one of our Freshman remineses. Stories like this are common when discussing Nick, he is often seen as the older sibling to our students, providing behind the scenes assistance to make sure everyone's first year runs smoothly. A great leader doesn’t ask how you can help them, but how they can help you. Never one to wait for a job to be assigned to him, he is constantly one step ahead of everyone, and is infamous for not only asking how he can help, but getting everyone else involved to make sure you’re not left struggling. Nick is far from the person to leave you hanging, and there is nothing he wouldn’t attempt if it meant that our team would be better off for it. Always the first person to volunteer to help out and the last to leave an event, Nick is committed to expanding FIRST in all ways possible. He has been a member of FIRST for four years, and exemplifies the ideals of a team member. He continually demonstrates a positive attitude, works well with others, and never lets a team mate fall behind. The strive to be a leader in outreach, the team, the community, and MARS, is a fundamental component of who he is. Since day one he inspires each and every one of us to truly be part of a team, to operate and improve as one. You’ll never find a student more driven to work with the utmost synergy, and be fully inclusive of all students. “My first year on the team was challenging, but Nick made sure I had guidance when I needed it and never felt alone.” a Sophomore recounts. If you’re still wondering who Nick Giggenbach is, he’s our go-to CAD member, Copilot, Administrator, advocate, leader, and friend. He was, is, and will continue to be, someone to look up to. There is no uncertainty: if you need someone, come to him. Nick has been on the team for just three years, yet we cannot fathom how he will continue to improve not just himself, but the team in his upcoming senior year. He has inspired, laughed, cried, and grown with us every single day since 2017, and will continue to inspire us long after he graduates.