Detroit court 

prom queen

Aneekah Uddin

Knock Knock! Who’s there? A broken pencil. A broken pencil who? Nevermind, it’s pointless. Actually, it’s not pointless! That’s what I tell my division after every Joke of the Day, yet they disagree. As build lead of 555, I unite 20 students to create a bot. Above all, I equip my peers with technical skills and zeal. JOTD helps with that, truly! I’m a Dean’s List Semi Finalist, Drive Coach and a melon fan. On my team, I create. This year, I started Welding Wednesday, created an info book for my build team, and coined the popular phrase #thatssomelon. Hey, it will happen! Overall, my contributions help my team become more sustainable, stronger and open. It’s my 1st year at Worlds. RoboProm has always been a dream- now it’s reality. Being on the Court is a chance I’ll never have again. Instantly, my team supported me because they love me, what I bring to the team, and the dynamic I’ll bring to the future of STEM. It would be an honor for me and my team if I were RoboProm Queen.

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prom king

lucas woolfe 

Shift your attention to Lucas, Detroit RoboProm King Candidate. I am a 4th year student member of MakeShift Robotics, team 4039. In my rookie year, I showed my affinity for electrical, programming, and strategy. I have lead the electrical and programming teams for the past 3 years, and I host seminars for younger students regarding electrical and programming fundamentals every year before build season begins. I mentored a local FLL team before the 2018 season and I was a VIP ambassador at the STEMley cup championship. I have also been a Chairman's presenter since last year, with 3 Chairman's Award wins including a win at the Ontario Provincial Championship last year. I am the operator for our drive team this year. I believe I should be RoboProm king because I work efficiently on my own and I can also collaborate with and help all students on MakeShift. I sport the values of FIRST by Shifting the perception of science and technology. I love FIRST robotics and I would like to involve myself in the program for the rest of my life.

adam bohn

josh juliz