Houston Court

RoboProm Queen

Jocelyn Holman

During my 2nd year in FLL, I met the Highlanders (4499) while volunteering at a FLL Rookie Booster and joined in 8th grade. I was on both the mechanical and chairman’s teams. I cut stock, repaired field elements, and edited executive summaries from home. That summer, I ran a 2-day FLL camp, held a parent info night, started 2 FLL teams, learned Solidworks and the manual mill, all while competing Varsity tennis. As a sophomore, I continued mentoring the FLL teams, and refereed at one Qualifier and judged at another qualifier and State. And was a Dean's List finalist.This year, as the Colorado FLL Regional Judge Advisor, I ran 2 judge training calls, planned CV tasks for each qualifier, volunteered as a CV judge, Head CV Judge at State and co-TD for a Qualifier. I advanced my machining, led the Chairman's team to a regional chairman’s win in Oklahoma, and designed and built the bumpers. And advanced as a Dean’s list finalist again.


Carleigh Dickinson

Hi, I’m Carleigh, I’m from South Florida, and I’m going to RoboProm Houston. I joined team 5949 three years ago, where I was the main driver, and the next year, team captain. Now as a senior, I saw the lack of girls joining our team due to the intimidating, male-dominated environment, and I started a rookie team, 7409. We decided to call it GLOW, referencing the 80’s show GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), and our own acronym, Girls Leading Our World (or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrobotics, if you’re feeling risqué), where our goal is to engage and empower more women and minorities in STEM. I deserve to be on the RoboProm court because I’ve come a long way in my robotics journey, doing a complete 360 from my B.D.F. (before discovering FIRST) writing career. I am outgoing, love meeting people, and love dancing. The community I have built has been so incredibly inspiring and I will never forget what FIRST and my friends have taught me, and I can’t wait to apply it as a mentor and alum next year.


Jordan Shavell

My widespread involvement within FRC 1902 demonstrates the same passion & leadership I believe a RoboProm Court winner should have. Involved in FIRST & 1902 since 2014, I have done scouting, mechanical, strategy, control systems, awards, & more. Since 7th grade, I have held key pit & drive team positions, helped start #FIRSTLikeAGirl, and been deeply involved in awards & leadership. I have helped with all award submissions & rewrote our business plan solo, earning us 2 Entrepreneurship awards in a row. Last year I improved our Spark program by getting 20 kits to FGC teams at their event in Mexico. Thanks to my technical ability & extensive knowledge of 1902, I’m an asset in the pits and excellent with an audience. Now, in 10th grade, I’m 1902’s driver, Outreach Lead, PR Manager, Student BoD Rep, & Electrical Captain. I am also a LGBTQ+ of FIRST Administrator, spreading awareness & inclusivity everywhere. I have been recognized as a 2019 Dean’s List Finalist for my exceptional efforts.


roboprom king

Ian Layng

I went to my first FRC event when I was in 4th grade. The community was magnetic; I instantly fell in love with FIRST. My mom founded a team at the local high school (team 4550, Something’s Bruin) while I was still in 7th grade. I would go and help out everyday after school. It was when I was appointed the human player my junior year where I discovered my knack for strategic planning. Thanks to the effective strategies I developed, our team was able to compete as alliance captains in both of the regionals we attended. After our season ended, I reflected on how important the team was to my life. I realized that I should spend my last year giving back. I applied for and was accepted as the new team captain. This year, as captain, my team played on the 5th seeded alliance in Oklahoma and again on the 2nd seeded alliance in Colorado.I deserve to be on the roboprom court because FIRST is a massive part of my life. Next year, I will go from student to mentor and i'm so excited to give back to the community.


Lawton Skaling

My name is Lawton Skaling, and I would like to be considered for the RoboProm king court at the Houston World Championships. I am a sophomore from Anchorage, Alaska, and this will be my first year attending the world championship event. This season I became a Dean’s List semi finalist in FTC, in which I am captain of my team. I am also the build captain and Chairman’s presenter of Alaska’s only FRC team. I am an active member in the FIRST community, having participated in FTC since 8th grade, and FRC since 9th grade. I have volunteered for numerous FLL events, including helping to host the FLL Alaska state championship at my school. Additionally, I have participated in many outreach events, including a multi week summer camp. Outside of robotics, I participate in the Mu Alpha Theta math honor society, National Ocean Science Bowl competition, cross country running, and Key Club. I also hold the highest GPA of my class. Thank you for hosting this wonderful event. I can’t wait to attend!



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