Houston Court

RoboProm Queen

Kacey Pitcher

I am my team’s Vice-President, Head Programmer, & Dean’s List Finalist. I wrote my team’s business plan, & gained three sponsors for my team. I took my programming team from a group of two people to a team of ten with website & app development, vision tracking, PID, & sensors. I made an anti-bullying app when I was a freshman & created an error log to diagnose problems faster. I volunteer at local elementary, middle, & high schools to help their robotics teams. I created a coding club at my high school & I teach my local Coder Girlz club HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming.I also wrote a proposal to FIRST Robotics to provide increased minority support to increase equity on teams, which we are now working on together, & helped organize a Women Techmakers Conference in my city, Fresno, to help women in the STEM community interact. I am worthy of RoboProm Queen because my work has increased efficiency, organization, & skill on my team while also providing more STEM opportunities in my school and city.

May Piamenta

I'm May Piamenta, a Chairman's award speaker, head of community involvement and Strategy crew of RoboActive 2096 from Israel.  First, I have to admit that I'm writing this assay with tears in my eyes. I can't believe this is my last competition after 2 years in FLL, 3 in FRC and thousands of memories. During these 5 years, I've been an inspiration for so many girls to take a significant role in their team. I prepared rookie teams for their judges room, lectured over 100 teams about mentoring and fundraising and volunteered in over 25 FIRST competitions. I mentor teams in Brazil & Cyprus and founded the "Community FIRST" day to encourage global teams to evaluate in their community. I recruited Woodie Flowers & Don Bossi to be a part of it. I deserve to enter the RoboProm Court because I made people believe that robotics is the key to global peace, and with hard work everything is possible. This is an amazing way to finish my journey, At least as a student.

may 2.jpeg

Alina Kim


roboprom king

Charles Wang

Throughout the year, I have been blessed to have the opportunity be involved with FIRST and contribute to my high school's third-year restart team. From the start, I was involved in all aspects of our team. However, driven by my passion for engineering and working with my hands, I decided to focus on the mechanical aspect of robotics; as a part of the mechanical team, I helped build our robot and assemble all of our systems. My passion for robotics has led me to energetically reach out and help other teams, especially rookie teams that desperately needed help. I deserve to be on RoboProm court because of my enthusiasm for robotics. Every day this season (and even before that) I stayed long hours building, prototyping and testing in order to make sure that our robot was as good as it could possibly be. Additionally, when a neighboring rookie team needed some help with machining I enthusiastically and unhesitatingly machined their metal for them in the spirit of Gracious Professionalism.

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Landon Swopes

landon 2.jpeg

Hello I am Landon Swopes the main programmer of  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know why I deserve to be RoboProm King. First off I would like to tell you a few things I have accomplished on my team. On my team as the main programmer so I mainly focus on all of our auto modes, we have three different reliable auto modes. Two of them go for the scale from the right and left position our other auto goes for the switch from the middle position. Aside from programming I have also helped start a program that brings other Native American students into FRC by asking other tribes to start FIRST teams this program is called NAYRA or Native American Youth Robotics Advancement. I deserve to be on RoboProm court because I have accomplished a lot on my team and I have consistently tried to promote FIRST in my community and in Oklahoma. I have done this by bringing robots to schools to promote our team and trying to encourage tribes to create their own FIRST team.



Wesley Soo-Hoo


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