It's day 2 and all machines are running, Team members are bustling and working on their prototypes. Team Advisor, Mr. Frias, reviews the task list for the day with the students. The meeting is adjourned and everybody starts to get work done. The Manufacturing subteam starts working on the 2018 Field Elements. These are the major pieces that go into the main competition field. Programming and Control Systems members Maxwell Seelos, Kristian Abad, Richard Braley, Mohotasim Rahman, and Zack Jafery work to fix Team 399's robot "Beloved."  One of the members, Elora Greenwale, starts building her prototype with Ryan Wert and Isabella Tien. And two team Mentors, Bob Edwards and Robert Wert, check out the CNC with Mr. Frias and Manufacturing subteam leader Ethan Edwards. Today is a busy second day of Build Season!

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia