Entry 5: Build Season Day 5| 1/11/18

It's a busy day in the Team 399 Shop. All subteams are working hard on their jobs. In Manufacturing, member Justin Bascos tests Team 399's "Beloved" robot, tightens its motherboard, and checks the fuses. It all works out; the robot is now functioning. In Manufacturing, Katelyn Smith works on her prototype with Gabe Navarro and Christian Fonbuena. Katelyn's prototype involves shooting out a pipe with pneumatics, so it can grab the Power Cube. Also in Manufacturing, subteam leader Ethan Edwards works with Alumnus John Graham on his prototype. In Multimedia, members Isabella Kaya and Vanessa Ramirez work on getting Roboprom buttons done. Today, many prototypes are finished, Team 399 has had a good build season so far!

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia