Entry 6: Build Season Day 6| 1/12/18

Today in the Team 399 Robotics' shop, a lot has been accomplished. Team Advisor Mr. Frias meets with team members to discuss what is going to happen throughout the afternoon and reviews new changes. The team's Eaglets program, which introduces 6th to 8th graders to the fundamentals of the team, starts tomorrow. PR lead Mary Romero works to finalize the activities the Eaglets will enjoy. Team mentor Bob Edwards explains how the field elements for the game need to be exactly like the one that FIRST provides. The meeting is concluded and everyone goes downstairs to the shop and starts working on field elements and prototypes. On Manufacturing, team members Justin Bascos, Nathan Dilger, and Margaret Rodriquez work on field elements. They finish the first one...the ramp. Team members Elora Greenwale and Abel Pereppadan work on their prototype; it consists of a lifting arm mechanism using gears to lift the Power Cube. Also team members Kai Thomas, Aiden Kasparaitis, and Jennifer Castillo build a pneumatic launcher. The test is a success. Chairman's Essay tryouts are a success, with auditions given by Jennifer Castillo, Maxwell Seelos, Vincent Sison, Alyson Frias, and Ester Ramierez . Team 399 is finishing their prototypes and moving to the next phase of Build Season.

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia