Entry 8: Build Season Day 7| 1/13/18

In addition to launching their 2018 Build Season Eaglets program, Team 399 makes use of this day by collaborating with other teams, drafting the Chairman's presentation, and continuing to build field elements. Members from Team 399 take a Skype call with other NASA House Teams to discuss strategies and ideas. After the House Team call, Chairman's presenters Kirsten Barrow, Alysa Greenwale, Joseph Chavez, and Alicia Salazar meet to brainstorm all the many outreach activities they will share in their Chairman's speech. Downstairs in the shop, members cut, drill, and hammer to assemble the field elements that will allow for game practice after the robot is complete. Team 399 mentors Bob Edwards and Robert Wert lead the effort to put the elements together. Team 399 also gets a visit from Lancaster High's LAMPE Coordinator Duane Robertson, a strong supporter and team collaborator. 

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia