Entry 9: Build Season Week 1 Recap| 1/15/18

Week one of the 2018 FRC Build Season flew by. But for Team 399 it is about to get interesting. Prototypes got done, and the whole team had fun doing it. The team had many organizational meetings to keep everything rolling smoothly. Programming and Control Systems was working on Team 399's "Beloved" robot. Programming and Control systems rookie member Mohotasim Rahman says about his first week of Build Season, "It's been fun, I've been learning code." Also some of the Programming and Control System members worked on the 2018 game field elements. In Manufacturing, team members worked on field elements, prototypes, and getting trained. Manufacturing rookie member Justin Bascos says "My first week of Build Season has been fun, I have been put in charge of making field elements." In Multimedia, team members were working on RoboProm buttons. Also, team member Vincent Sison got done with his "Build Season Week One Recap" video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Lw-LCgtMs). In Public Relations, members ran the first Saturday of the Eaglets program for 6th-8th grade students who want to learn more about the team. PR also started working on the Chairman's essay, Chairman's presentation, and started planning the robot rollout event (when the team will reveal the 2018 robot). Overall Team 399 had a successful week one. A lot of progress has been made for the first week of Build Season!

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia