Entry 11: Build Season Day 9 1/16/18

Today at the Team 399 shop, winter cleaning is still underway and other projects are progressing. Team 399 Advisor Mr. Frias orders parts and supplies from FIRST supply provider, McMaster-Carr. Manufacturing members work on the "scale" field element, and fix the returning mechanism. Also, LAMPE Coordinator Duane Robertson stops by and checks the progress of all subteams. Public Relations holds a meeting to continue drafting the main Chairman's essay, which the team hopes will help win the Chairman's award, the highest honor given by the FIRST organization. The team is about 75% done with the essay, and makes plans for completion. In Multimedia, the subteam meets to discuss what jobs need to be completed. Today, Team 399 has had a successful day and accomplished the hard task of building the scale.

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia