Entry 13: Build Season Day 11| 1/18/18

Today at the Team 399 shop, metal clashes as members work on the 2018 field elements. In Programming and Control Systems, members work on Team 399's "Beloved" robot. Members also get a hands-on demo of being a Scout at a FIRST Regional. In Multimedia, member Mary Ntsi works on the the new "Team 399: Eagle Robotics Business Plan." For the previous two years, Team 399 has won the Entrepreneurship Award, in large part due to the detailed business plan. This submission is important to the team maintaining its reputation. Multimedia members Vincent Sison works in collaboration with Oswaldo Gavidia to release the "Build Season Week 2 Recap" (stay tuned on YouTube for release). Downstairs in the shop, team Advisor Mr. Frias gets a shipment of wood for the team to use throughout build season! The team has to make a lot of space for the new supplies arriving. Another busy day in the Team 399 shop.  

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia