Entry 17: Build Season Recap Week 2

This week at the Team 399 shop, it was busy.  Many members came in and worked on tasks which didn't get done in Week 1.  This week the team received a huge inventory of supplies, so the shop was cleaned out to make space for the new materials. On Wednesday and Thursday, Manufacturing, and Programming and Control Systems members got a lot of hands-on experience and training, specifically in the basics of robot driving. Multimedia released the week one recap video and it was a hit (Good Job Vincent Sison).  In Public Relations, members held meetings for the Chairman's Essay award. In Manufacturing, members worked on field elements and completed training. In Programming and Control Systems, members got to work on "Beloved" and the code. Week 2 was productive and the team moved towards meeting the challenges of the new 2018 game, Power Up! Team 399 is ready to move onward in to Week 3.  

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia