Entry 18: Build Season Day 14| 1/22/18

Today at the Team 399 shop, there is a stand-up meeting to preview what needs to be accomplished this afternoon. In Manufacturing, members work on the final intake/outake prototype and test this mechanism on a robot prototype. Also the team's PR subteam reviews the "Name a Robot" submissions and determines the name of the soon-to-be-completed 2018 robot. Shhhh...the name is top secret until the Feb. 23rd Robot Rollout in the Lancaster High School theater! In Multimedia, member Vincent Sison interviews some team members for the Week 2 Build Season recap video. In Public Relations, members work on the Chairman's Award, continuing to draft the main essay and mini essays. For the beginning of the third week of Build Season, members are having a great experience.

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia