Entry 20: Build Season Day 16| 1/24/18

Today at Eagle Robotics, team members are fixing the training robot "Zoboomafoo" and trainees have a tutorial class showing how to maintain the robot. Everyone learns something today. In Multimedia the Week 2 Video recap is released (Check it out https://youtu.be/98TTMTL1Veg Great Job Vincent Sison)! In Public Relations, Amy Barahona and Eric Castillo host a 2018 Robot Rollout discussion meeting. Downstairs in the Shop, members have a stand-up meeting explaining agenda and delegating tasks. In manufacturing, members work on the 2018 Field Elements, and finish building the "Switch." In Programming and Control Systems, training leader Maxwell Seelos works on training rookie members who want to drive the robot at a regional competition. Also congratulations to our members, Angel Calderon and Enrique Arjona, for being nominated for the Dean's List Award. Today has been a productive day!

Edited By: Oswaldo Gavidia

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