It's December 8th and two days earlier was the Monrovia FTC competition. It was my very first FTC competition and I was slightly nervous. Team 399 has two daughter teams: Team 72 Garage Bots and Team 8973 Totes MaGoats Robotics. At the end of the day neither of our teams made it past qualifications nor received an award, but still I can say I left Monrovia with some pride.

Members from 72 GarageBots and 8973 Totes MaGoats at the competition

We received many questions about our drive trains, because on both 72 and 8973 bots we used a West Coast Drive. We would explain that we were inspired by our experience on FRC Team 399. I had no idea that Eagle Robotics was "a big deal" in our region until someone put their hand to her chest and gasped to say that she is a big fan of us and even went so far to say that our website is one of her favorites. That is an AMAZING feeling: to know that I am part of such a great team and that we inspire people enough to be idolized.

I am extremely proud to say that I am an Eagle. I wish I would have joined the team my freshman year rather than my junior year. I will only get two years of being in robotics and maybe it's the rookie in me but two years is just not enough. When I graduate I know I'll miss the team most of all, but I also know that all the ties and connections I have and will continue to make won't just disappear. Even as a rookie I am aware that the FIRST life isn't just something you can walk away from easily.