I can go on and on about the things like Battle at the Border or the High Desert Lego Tournament or even a simple event like our Egg-Stronaut Workshop for kids, but I choose not to. Why? Well, because although it seems like these are the things that matter the most as a robotics member, they truly aren't. In reality, day to day challenges and workload are what make the Robotics Experience.

Everyday since joining I've spent some length of time working on something Robotics related. It's become a big part of my life and I am more than okay with that. I've been pushed to step up and lead. I've been pushed to overcome challenges. Without being pushed by FIRST, I'm almost positive that I would have never seen my potential.

The time, dedication, and investment I and other students put into being an Eagle has proved that we have what it takes to be more than average.