Chezy Champs 2014: my very first competition with the team. I don't remember being nervous or scared, but intimidated, yes. The bus ride to San Jose went by extremely quick as did everything as a whole. Part of me wishes I could go back and repeat everything, even the stepping into our hotel room and re-smelling the scent of dead cats and cigarettes, but the rational part of me definitely goes against that. When I first stepped out of the bus I didn't know what to expect but I did know that the experience would be enough in itself. 

Highlights of Chezy:

Going to Safeway... It felt like we were all on a showing of Cutthroat Kitchen or Chopped! We were all running around the store because we're all a bunch of fattys that were only given 15 minutes to get what we wanted... and we wanted everything!

Judges Award! "The day to day activities in the team's shop would make any team proud - rookie teams scattered about, building their bots with experienced veteran mentors, but it's what happens upstairs in this team's facility that got the judges attenti...on. There are many phenomenal outreach programs in FRC, but this team really takes it to the next level. For example, they not only hold an annual summer camp - they fundraise so that kids can attend for free. They not only create a game, they produce a game animation so that their campers can get the full experience. Not only do they do "Robot Read Aloud" and play with the kids at the local Barnes and Noble, they do it for the first Friday of every month--for years, and make it a local tradition. And when the judges asked what they take the most pride in, they said it was in making the contribution to the community. This team doesn't just get it off the ground, they really make it soar." It's awesome knowing that I chose to be part of our Public Outreach sub-team and that I'll be helping with these events more as the season goes on.

Bus ride back, because charades is totally awesome! We all played charades on my phone and it's funny what people know. Considering we are a robotics team I should have been prepared for everyone (but me) to know the names of every single video game. Well, now I know!

And just being there. The experience was, to be honest and cheesy, awesome and I definitely want to do it again, whether it means going to a  regional or attending Chezy Champs next year. 




Our team of students who attended Chezy

Our Judge's award!!

Our team cheering on our robot during a match

A few members of our team taking a selfie up in the stands...