After four great years, my time as an FRC student has come to an end. I’ve gotten to witness some pretty amazing things with some incredible people, and I will never forget that. Now that I have moved away and am now watching the team from afar I really understand FIRST. I had a great time behind the glass, in front of judges, at workshops, and in our shop.. but now I get to see my friends experience it behind the same safety glasses.


Though I may not agree with every line written in the essay, every word spoken at a meeting, every decision made, I am proud. I’m proud of my friends and my team and what they have all become. Everyone in my graduating class has worked dang hard to get where they are, especially my two fellow four year team mates (now alumni, i suppose). And 399 now has a new name for itself. In my four years, Eagle Robotics has completely stepped up its game and transformed its image, and I’m excited to say that the 2015-2016 incoming freshmen will get to say the same once they leave. Freshman year seems like a lifetime ago, but I accomplished everything I set out to do in my time.


I’ll miss the drive team, Chairman’s presenters, mentors, camera crew, and especially the memories I’ve made along the way.. but I’m already reaching out to other teams to pass on the legacy. Helping an FLL team, and FRC team, and registering as a FIRST volunteer is filling me with pride. I can’t wait to help out more bright minded individuals to accomplish their own goals, and watch them pay it forward.


My senior year we presented Chairman’s at worlds, and I will never forget what one of the judges said to me as we walked out of the room. From a man in a blue polo I heard him chuckle “Don’t worry, FIRST doesn’t have an exit plan” Whether that was in response to me having officially given my last chairman’s speech, or awkwardly tripping over my chair as I stood up to leave, it stuck to heart.


FIRST will forever be a part of my life. Thanks Dean, Woody, and everyone back home at 399.

I love you guys.