Queen CanDidates


Kathleen Beach

My name is Kathleen Beach from WiredCats team 5885. I’m business lead and pit representative. I organize and submit awards; Rookie All Star winners. I’m our head spirit girl within the stands. I attend, collaborate, and coordinate team events/volunteer opportunities. I am fond of social media projects and wiring the world via internet. I create a strong school community foundation by collaborating with pre existing groups. I develop sponsorship letters and communicate with current/ potential sponsors. I create equality between sub teams and our 12:16 boy to girl ratio. I encourage an environment that fosters all interests and talents and allow each member to leave their paw print during our rookie season breaking any robotics stigmas for years to come. I’m confident I would be a perfect RoboQueen candidate because I’m an investment for the future that will share my love of STEM and provide mentor ship in the future of robotics. This opportunity for my senior year would mean the WORLD! "

I think a picture speaks a thousand words, or maybe even a thousand characters! Beside being a leader, I want to ensure my team has fun and the best possible season while doing their absolute best. As a lead spirit girl, I ensure my team is always excited and expressing their best WiredCat spirit. Whether it is fun accessories, GLITTER or boom sticks, I find it in my best nature to ensure everyone can spread a little WiredCat love and get Wired Up! I promise I will provide my loudest cheers and my best dance moves at this year's Roboprom! I am a very active member within my team, and alongside their paw print, I would love to make my impression on the Worlds community, especially since it is my FIRST time!

Elizabeth Schauer

Although this is my first year participating in first robotics (and last as I'll be graduating this year) and I do not hold a leadership position, I have played an important role on the team. From bringing dinners to practice, driving underclassmen to and from practice, and promoting the camaraderie on the team, I've come to realize that first and its participants are my friends and home. It's through the inspirational words I've shared and the hugs and support I've given the team. I have learned how to advocate for myself as a woman without being deemed bossy. I've also learned I have better music taste than first. Which is pretty impressive considering my music taste (or lack there of) :) 

I want to be on prom court not because it's this bigger than life pinnacle of high school but because I want to prove to society that someone in robotics isn't just a "nerd". I am also a three-sport varsity athlete and I hang out with my friends during the weekend. 


Megan Lorence

Team 4125 would like to nominate our Senior Project Manager, Megan Lorence, for Robo-Prom court 2016. Megan arrives the earliest and leaves the latest to every meeting. She has many jobs; all of which she completes to the best of her abilities and in a timely manner. She makes sure everyone completes their jobs, helps everyone, creates all of the scouting sheets, and inputs all of the scouting information into the system. One of our members said that Megan “is always giving 100%. She seems to know everything and, when something needs done, she does it.” Another member said, “[Megan] takes care of everyone and everything; no matter the situation. She works harder than anyone I know and I'm so proud of what she has accomplished. I admire her for her will to achieve what she sets her mind to. She is my role model.” Absolutely everyone on our team adores and admires Megan. She's our only senior and she deserves this more than anyone.




Aidan Ferrer

I, Aidan Ferrer of Team 4159 CardinalBotics, nominate myself for RoboProm King. My work in Outreach and Public Relations has molded me into an outgoing, passionate individual, who excites my community about STEM and represents FIRST as best as I can. Within our team, I have been active in leading cheers to support not just our own team, but all of the competitors at Regionals. I seek to follow in the footsteps of my past teammate, 2014 RoboProm King Kenny Zhen, and bring the crown back home to CardinalBotics.

As a member of my team, I have made many accomplishments: I have been Human Player on our Drive Team for two years, presented Chairman's this year, and was elected as our first Vice President of Outreach. I am especially proud of my leadership position because I coordinate public projects, such as a Rube Goldberg Machine we showcased to city officials at San Francisco City Hall.


Douglas McIntosh

I am Douglas McIntosh, a high school junior on Team 5801. I am involved in most aspects of the team. I am the team's pit presenter, as well as spirit and programming captains. I am on the financial division, in which I help to organize fundraisers and send out letters to prospective sponsors. On programming, I have programmed a hefty portion of the robot, including the autonomous period and periodic tasks. As the spirit co-captain I have collaborated with other team members to create our chant and a stylish button.

I believe I deserve to be on the RoboProm royalty court because I have a strong sense of leadership, as well as a never endingly upbeat personality. I can handle stressful situations, and I am quick to make decisions that will impact my team positively. I also have some of the sickest dance moves around, so you may miss them if I am not nominated.


Alex Batten