St. Louis queen winner

Victoria  Woods

st. louis King Winner

Karl arnold

Since joining my robotics team, I have learned and matured, becoming a teacher and a leader on my team and in my school. Freshman year I led the manufacturing process for the surgical tubing bands that shot our catapult, tracking their wear and replacing as needed, resulting in a regional win. Sophomore year I was the Human Player on our drive team, allowing me to see the game head on for the first time. Junior year I was made a lead of the manufacturing sub-team, building a sturdy robot which I then drove at 2 regionals and Champs. Now in my senior year, I am a lead of the manufacturing sub-team, one of 2 team co-leads, the driver for our robot, and an asset to the team. We won both regionals that we attended this year, both times as an alliance captain and are now looking eagerly forward to Champs. I feel that I have made a tremendous impact on my team’s present performance and future potential, and believe that the RoboProm Court should consist of students as dedicated as me.