The RoboPromPosal

This year will be the first time Team 399 will be hosting our RoboPromPosal Contest for both Championship locations! Students can win two free tickets by “PromPosing” to their date to RoboProm and posting a video or picture on Instagram with the hashtag, #RoboPromPosalTX or #RoboPromPosalSTL based on which Championship location they are attending. The best three RoboPromPosals for each hashtag will be selected by our team based on creativity, originality, and quality of the video or picture. These submissions will then be posted on our team’s Instagram account (@team399) and the winner will be chosen based on which post gets the most likes. Submissions must be posted by April 7th and will be posted to our Instagram April 8th. The winners will then be announced April 17th. All questions can be asked via our email,