Technical Resources


How to Build Everything Really Fast

This is a great guide on design considerations, how to put things together, and a generally complete guide on mechanical design.

JVN's Mechanical Design Calculator

This is an excel spreadsheet calculator for motor calculations. It gives great stats like time to travel X distance under gear ratio A:B with a robot weight Y. It also includes basic specifications for the common motors we use.

WCP Gear CAD Models

These are models of all gears sold by West Coast Products.

WPI Think Tank:Mechanical

Videos and presentations containing CAD tips, subsystems (drive train, manipulators).

AndyMark Presentations

The Manipulator Design and Drive Systems Presentations in particular should be checked out.

Autodesk CAD Free Student Download

Create an account and obtain a student license to work with Autodesk Inventor at home to practice modeling parts.

Programming and Electronic

This is the program we use to write/download code for our robot for the java language.

WPI Think Tank: Programming

Combination of videos and documents going over the control system and coding practices.

National Instruments documents on FRC utilities

Compilation of documents regarding the Labview based utilities provided to us by National Instruments.

National Instruments - Installing Labview Utilities and Setup

Document outlining the utilities you must install after getting the KOP installation of Labview.

National Instruments - Driver Station Tutorial Download

PDF Document outlining the use and features of the driver station application.

Getting Started with the 2013 Control System

PDF describes the basics of the 2013(and by extension, the 2011 and 2012) control systems and how to get a basic test bed created.

Java Tutorials

asic/advanced programming concepts by Oracle the developers of Java.

Team 1114 Beta Test Walkthroughs - Overview

Control Systems Overview